Out of the box integration

One of the big problems SMEs face is using the data they have available effectively. By intelligently feeding marketing results back into your CRM you can achieve a complete, holistic view of every customer or potential customer. Our ready built integrations take the cost and hassle out of integrating your email marketing with your CRM and improve the future effectiveness of your campaigns.



Seamless integration allows you to do all of your email marketing without leaving Salesforce. Create, edit, target, schedule and feedback all interactions enabling you to identify prospects. Available on the Appexchange and supports unlimited,enterprise,professional and developer editions of salesforce.


Microsoft dynamics

Syncronisation with Microsoft dynamics CRM ensures that latest information is always available within your CRM and the latest data is available for your email campagins. Each contact has an email marketing contact history, giving a detailed and instant knowledge of a contact’s interaction and engagement.



Your ecommerce platform contains that latest live information about your customers. Use this to segment customers on their purchase behaviour and automate email triggers such as welcome series or post purchase feedback.



By automating list management and email campaign administration, you can increase marketing effectiveness and ROI, maximise opportunities for customer acquisition and retention, and increase sales opportunities.


Sage ACT

Keep your marketing lists up to date by synronising your contact information directly from ACT. This enables you to create more personalised messages and can drive dynamic content.



Podbox is a cloud based platform that enables you to synchronize your contacts, companies, products and commands between numerous applications in a secure and quick way. You can now access to your data anywhere you want, at any time you like.



PadiAct not only integrates your subscription form directly with your lists but it also enables you to maximise sign ups but targeting different types of visitors with different messages. PadiAct enables you to ask for the visitors details when they are most engaged with your site.


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