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“Your country needs YOU” Mr Cameron

November 11, 2010

“Your country needs you” Mr Cameron reminded us last month.

Lord Kitchener he isn’t, but nevertheless we have for several months, heard endless requests from the coalition government for each of us to play our part in the Big Society. What does this mean? Well, that each of us will have to take more responsibility, pay a little more to the State and receive a little less from the State.

Is this fair? That’s questionable. Is it necessary? I think probably. And therefore I for one am happy to do my bit.

However, my willingness to co-operate is largely down to promises I have heard for British business. Promises to make it easier for SMEs in this country to grow quickly and as a consequence provide much needed employment opportunities.

On October 25th Mr Cameron gave a speech entitled “Creating a new economic dynamism” in which he promised to “build real confidence in our future” and to “put the promotion of British commerce and international trade at the heart of our foreign and economic policy”. He explained the 3 parts of his strategy which, to summarise in lay terms, was to do everything he bloody well could to help British business grow!

He re-iterated his support a week later when he spoke about how “government backs small business”… Wow this is great I thought… not only is Mr Cameron promising to ‘buy British’ but he recognises the value of small and medium-sized businesses that, he acknowledged, provide “nearly 60 per cent of our jobs and half of our GDP.”

Great news… so, Mr Cameron, how will you help us compete with the big corporates from across the pond? What can you do to help the many excellent UK-based Email Service Providers compete?

The answer was imminent and came in the form of an email campaign encouragingly entitled “A Coalition of the British people”. The email boasted his to be a “pro-enterprise government” whose aim was “not just to do our duty as a government, but to stir a spirit of national unity and resolve; to lift the national heart to the challenges we share”.

My spirit was stirred, my heart lifted. I quickly checked to see which of our commendable UK-based competitors had been chosen to deliver such a rousing message to our countrymen… yes, you guessed it… it was one of our American corporate friends, headquarters in New York.

Thanks for your support David.

Posted by Alastair Campbell
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