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WireDoo or WireDoon’t?

October 28, 2011

When I heard that MC Hammer was heading up a new search engine to rival the likes of Google and Yahoo, like most people I instantly thought, ‘ what a joke’!
But after a little while, curiosity got the better of me, and using my search engine of choice (Google) I found out a little more about this crazy idea.
At the recent Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, MC Hammer explained that WireDoo will offer ‘relationship driven deep searches’ that explores the idea that searching the web isn’t about one key word.  For example if you were searching for cars, you would be exposed to related models, mileage, insurance, price and even dealerships near to your location.
Actually this does make sense.  WireDoo sounds as though it will provide a one stop search, rather than having to do several different searches, ultimately saving time and duplication of effort.  WireDoo is still in development, and the Beta version not yet released.  However you can sign up to test it at http://wiredoo.com/global/signup.html
Thinking about what we do at Extravision, it’s much more than just lead generation marketing and newsletters.  We pride ourselves in providing strategic advice to clients.  This includes developing microsites and landing pages, looking at template makeovers, assisting in image sourcing, as well as creating flash animation and online forms. 
So when I search for ‘email marketing’ in Google it generates a long list of competing companies who specialise in this area.  No mention of data sourcing, copy writing or the other elements that form part of the email marketing process.  Is this a missed opportunity for agencies and companies to promote their business and secondary services that fall into this sector?
There is no official launch date just yet, but the idea behind WireDoo makes sense.  I don’t know if it will be enough to tempt people away from their favourite search engines, or that MC Hammer’s association will put users off completely.  Would you use a search engine backed by a former rapper famous for his large trousers?

Posted by Jenni Malley
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