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Why your email marketing isn’t working

March 31, 2014

It's great that in 2014 email marketing is back in fashion and being taken very seriously again by digital marketers. It might be because of the use of smart phones but really it’s down to the ROI it produces - £21.48 for every £1 spent according to the DMA .

But last week I spoke to an old client who said ‘we’ve dropped our email marketing program – it wasn’t working’. This is not a good strategy! If your sales force weren’t hitting their targets you wouldn’t disband the whole team would you?  You would figure out what was wrong.    

Email marketing works. For every industry. And, if done right, it can achieve most marketing objectives. If it’s not working, don’t conclude that it’s not effective. Here are some of the things you might be getting wrong. 

Using the wrong tools for the job

Be honest: Are your email campaigns aligned properly with your marketing objectives? If you’re targeted on leads and revenue, then do you have a proper lead nurturing program in place? Or are you sending just one newsletter a month and hoping for the best? Each objective needs an email marketing program which involves several stages of emails, follow ups and actions taken dependent upon whether someone responds, clicks or ignores.     
Same old look and feel

When did you last update your template? Your email template should be constantly evolving. Do you have social media links, pre-headers, is it mobile optimised/ responsive? More importantly, would it entice people to open it and read it?  

Too simplistic

Email marketing is not a new concept – you’ve probably been doing it for over 10 years. Are you still sending every email to every contact? By segmenting your data and targeting content and images accordingly you can boost opens by over 40% and click throughs by nearly 200% according to econsultancy . If the results were 200% better would you still consider scrapping your email program?   

The reason email has not been replaced by more fashionable elements of digital marketing is that it is a top tool for conversion and revenue generation. It’s also a relatively low cost medium. If you get it right it will boost sales, so don’t put up with an email program that doesn’t deliver. And if you need the help of an expert, then please get in touch!

Posted by Jenni Malley

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