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Why Email Marketing ?

November 2, 2009

Why wait for a customer or prospect to call you ? Chances are they may never do so. You can’t call them all and they don’t read your direct mail! What do you do? Well email marketing, performed correctly, makes a great addition to your current marketing mix and delivers results.
There are over 100 million email messages sent every day in the UK. Undoubtedly email is becoming a part of everyday life and therefore a valuable, if not vital, tool for any company selling or marketing products. Email is great because people pay attention to their email, and provided the content is rich, an email message is highly likely to receive attention. Below are some of the key benefits of email marketing as conducted by Extravision:

Saves Money

Permission-based email is significantly cheaper than traditional direct marketing methods, such as direct mail and telemarketing. A telephone call costs between £2.00 and £3.00 and direct mail between £0.75 and £1.50. It costs around £0.05 per opt in email.

Generates short term response

Email delivers responses quickly. Of the responses received to a campaign, typically 85% will be received within 48 hours as opposed to 4 weeks for direct mail. This allows your offers to be tailored to market conditions, events or special offers. Plus, it is easy to test multiple messages to adjust content.

High response rates

Email attracts a lot of attention in interactive marketing circles due to the remarkably high response rates it generates. On average, email outperforms all other media with response rates from in-house lists consistently over 10% and frequently over 25%.


Email is unrivalled in its ability to target the right message to the right customer at the right time. Email direct marketing, when done correctly, allows a company to have a one-to-one conversation with each of its customers. With targeting and a carefully built opt-in list, email can be highly personalised to the needs or interests of each customer.


Unlike direct mail, email can be tracked for metrics including: click-through rate, unsubscribe requests, invalid email addresses, campaign response rate and even open rates.

Create sales

An email campaign can lead a prospect through the entire sales process culminating in either an e-commerce transaction or a direct response to the sender.

Build customer relationships

Permission-based email is arguably one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to create and build relationships with customers. As companies increasingly compete on the basis of customer relationships, personalised marketing tactics clearly help build relationships.

Email newsletters

As a customer communications tool an email newsletter is unparalleled. They can be individually personalised and delivered at a fraction of the cost of direct mail and they generate an immediate action. While customers may quite rightly become annoyed with frequent e-mail advertisements, a weekly newsletter they’ve asked to receive faces no such resistance and is generally welcomed by the recipient. The key is to provide subscribers with genuine value to help build relationships.

Email marketing, well conducted will deliver all of the benefits shown yet the difference between delivering highly personalised emails that will help build relationships takes an intimate understanding of the complexities. At extravision we understand how email marketing works and have developed the products and processes to ensure our customers deliver effective campaigns that drive sales.

If you would like any further information, please email [email protected] or call 0161 817 2929

Posted by Simon Hill

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