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What is your company’s email sign-off process?

June 21, 2013

Email sign-off is a topical subject here at Extravision, because we’ve recently handed the management of account usernames and passwords over to clients. This means an administrator for each account can now allocate the appropriate level of access to each team member, giving full submission rights to those who need to send them and restricting others to setting up campaigns or simply being able to view reports.
The change prompted us to think about the dangers of letting untrained people have full access to a company’s Email Service Provider (ESP) – and that’s led to ideas about what an ideal sign off process might include.
Here’s what we came up with as the key points to check if you want to make sure your emails present a consistent and professional brand image and go out as you would wish them to.
Tone of voice: Do all your emails sound as if they come from the same company – and do they reflect how you want to sound?
Templates:  Do staff know which templates to use and how to use them, so emails are always consistent?
Brand guidelines: If you have brand guidelines, are all staff members applying them consistently in their emails? 
Images: Do you have clear guidelines about the use of images – and are people following them?  Not everyone can resist the temptations of clip art or is aware of the risks of copying images off the internet without permission.
Frequency. Are you monitoring how often emails get sent to different clients?  One member of staff might be sending weekly, another monthly. 
Salutations and sign offs: How do different team members start and end emails? Do they address them to recipients by their first name, or by title and surname? Do they sign off as a named individual, or just leave it as a company email? 
Unsubscribe link:  If this isn’t a standard element in the template, is it always included?
Social sharing: Have you agreed what social share buttons to include on emails, and are they always being added?
Tracking links: Do people understand the importance of building in links to attract clicks that can be tracked. How do they choose what to link to?
Email marketing might be quick and easy to send – but it reflects your brand just as much as any print document. It’s got to be worth checking just as carefully.

Posted by Joel Jarman

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