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What can you expect from email marketing?

September 25, 2009

At Extravision we have delivered hundreds of campaigns and consistently deliver excellent results for our clients across a wide range of industries. We realise that for many companies email marketing is a bold step which can often seem daunting.

Most of our clients however tell us that they wish they’d started months or even years earlier, in fact one CEO, who was initially skeptical about what email marketing could achieve for his company, said: “I’m a complete convert to email and only wish I’d tried it sooner’. In this article we’ll look more closely at just a few of the campaigns we’ve conducted to highlight some of the problems we’ve been able to solve for some of our customers. 

Case Study One: Product launch to SME’s..

One of our clients is a $bn business and world-wide leader in online-based information services. They chose extravision to launch a new version of their software into the competitive small business marketplace.

The biggest challenge was that they had no names or email addresses to launch the product to. We obtained 1100 names and email addresses of Marketing Managers at SME’s, then took this data, segmented, personalised and delivered a message with a call to action to subscribe for a free trial. 

The response rate was 13.4% and resulted in requests for over 40 new trials plus referrals. In addition the company has treated a number of the trials and responses as opportunities to cross-sell higher end services and products of which several opportunities were closed. This was a simple, low cost campaign that generated significant results and a R.O.I. of over 250%.

Case study 2: Lead generation and new business opportunities sought..

Another client Vistorm, a leading provider of managed internet security and applications, wanted to trial an email marketing campaign that would generate new business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The founder and CEO, Charles Sharland, is fiercely anti-spamming and was concerned that a poorly managed campaign could have a detrimental effect on their well-established brand. He trusted Extravision’s expertise in this area however and so chose to outsource the entire campaign process.

The first phase of the campaign utilised data held in Vistorm’s CRM system. Any customer or prospect not contacted in the previous six months was sent a highly personalised email. Not only did this generate a significant number of sales leads but the sales team reported that they found them easier to close.

In the second phase Extravision List Build service sourced a list of over 7500 Financial Directors and Human Resource Managers. Over a period of about eight weeks they were sent a combination of e-newsletter and personalised message. The newsletter was a very new approach for Vistorm and resulted in a response rate of 16.2 percent and around 400 sales leads from which Vistorm closed business worth over £50, 000 of gross margin. This exceeded expectations; we now have a long term relationship with Vistorm and are rolling out similar campaigns in other divisions. 

Case study 3: Improved customer relations..

Rose and Young, a long standing Mercedes-Benz dealership, priding itself on old fashioned values of excellent customer service, wanted to stimulate growth and improve efficiency. Rose and Young wanted to use email to inform customers of promotions and dealer news in a much shorter time frame and singled out extravision to manage the email campaigns for them.

The aims of the campaigns were threefold: to obtain email addresses for its customer base, to stimulate sales of new vehicles and to help sell current stock of second user vehicles. The single largest challenge was that although keen to start email marketing, Rose and Young had no email addresses. We obtained the email addresses and profiled the user base of their top customers in little under a week.

The campaign generated a response rate of over 15% and directly resulted in sales of a significant number of new vehicles. The ROI for the initial campaign was 220% and because the email addresses would be used in further campaign this would escalate to over 400%.

We hope that these challenges have given you some food for thought and maybe even answered a few questions about how to start email marketing.  

 If you would like any further information, please email [email protected] or call 0161 817 2929

Posted by Jenni Malley

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