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July 9, 2012

We've already talked about the overall idea behind the new Reports as well as the ways you can compare different campaigns. But once you've identified a particular campaign that did really well, you'll obviously want to understand what drove that engagement so you can replicate it next time.

This time I'll be showing you just some of the ways you can look deeper into an individual campaign by talking about our new campaign overview screen.

What we wanted to achieve was two fold really. We wanted you to be able to quckly and easily identify the campaign you are looking for and secondly, give you all the headline statastics in an simple, easy to read format but with the ability to drill down if you wanted a more indepth analysis.

So what we've done is to put a nice big reminder of how the campaign looked right next to all the statistics, where we've also pulled out the most important statistics like the click to open rate and deliverability. These are color coded, just like we did on the company overview. This means it's instantly clear if you have any (literally) red flags with the campaign, or conversely if it's all green you know it's doing really well.


As well as the four 'traffic lights' for the main statistics you can also see that each underlying performance indicator is a link that will take you to the CRM page and give you a list of all the relevant people. If you'd like to save a copy of this data you can press the blue download icon in the list of buttons on the left, which will send you an Excel file of the summary numbers. If this campaign is currently being sent out, you can use the refresh button at the top to update the numbers as responses come in.

Down the side of this screen are a series of tabs that let you really explore the details of what has happened, drilling down into key metrics in a way that wasn't possible in the old reports system. We've already heard people love exploring some of these, and we'd encourage you to do the same.


For instance if you select the opens tab, you can instantly see which email clients people are using to view your email in. We break this down at the top level where you can see two thirds of people are using Outlook. You can also drill down into each category so exactly which version of email client they are using. This is a great tool for evaluating if you need to use a mobile friendly template, or make sure the call to action links to a mobile friendly page. Of course, we're ready to help you with those things if you require it.

We reuse this same layout for other overviews like the list of articles in the clicks tab, but some data makes more sense to shown against time, rather than as a top level breakdown. At the top of each tab you'll see a 'by' drop down, and if you change this to 'date' the display will change to show a different view.


If you activate the filter by clicking on the toggle button you can filter the displayed data by date. Although we show you the whole date range by default, a lot of the important interactions happen in the first few days, so we've made it easily to zoom to the first week by selecting '+7' from the date drop down.

You've probably allready seeen there are some other tabs to explore across the bottom of the campaign view, and it's to one of most exciting ones we'll turn to next, CRM. You can always jump ahead and explore yourself of course, just login to the new Reports at reports.extravision.com.

Posted by Tom Chiverton
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