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Video in email – serving the correct content

June 13, 2014

The following table displays the video experience for different email clients.

Email client User experience
AOL Web Animated gif
Apple Mail Video
Gmail Animated gif
iPad Video (tap to play full-screen)
iPhone Video (tap to play full-screen)
Lotus Notes Animated gif
Outlook 2003 and Express Animated gif
Outlook 2007 and 2010 Static image
Outlook for Mac 2011 Video
Outlook.com (in all browsers other than IE) Video (right-click to play)
Outlook.com (in IE) Broken image link
Thunderbird for Mac Video (right-click to play)
Thunderbird PC Video (right-click to play)
Windows Live Mail 2011 Animated gif
Windows Moblie 7 Static image
Yahoo Mail Animated gif

Posted by Simon Hill
Automation, General, Technology

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