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Valentine’s day emails 2015: What have brands been sending?

February 13, 2015

Building campaigns around annual events is a great idea for content for consumer emails. Valentine’s day is usually the first of these events in the year (followed by Chinese New Year, Mother’s day, Easter etc).

Of course most brands build at least one email around each event so it’s important to stand out from the crowd by being eye catching, relevant and original.

Here are some of the ones we’ve noticed since they began arriving in our inbox in late January. 


This is a nice twist and isn’t just the usual ‘what will you wear on valentine’s day’ so it scores highly on originality. It is asking you to love your wardrobe and to generate some sales on what is no doubt a lull before the spring/ summer season. It’s a nice design too!

   Oasis Email


Neighbourhood is a casual, but fine dining, restaurant that claims to bring a bit of Manhattan to Manchester. It ticks every box by being visually appealing, with a nice subject line:  ‘Love from the Hood’. The email reflects the stylish element of the brand and is a million miles away from the usual cheesy valentine’s day restaurant emails. It was a bit limited on mobile viewing though and just offered a phone number and email to book rather than an online booking feature.

 Neighbourhood Restaurant Email

Bella Italia

I think it’s fair to say that restaurant chains like this one aren’t the usual choices for romantic meals, but they could still have had a bit more fun with the Valentine’s day theme. This arrived late January but is not scoring highly on individuality or design. It looks a little big 'tagged on' to a general email as the other items in the email don’t reference Valentine’s at all. However it was easy to navigate on a mobile device with nice chunky buttons to book a table.

Bella Italia Email


This is a great, mobile friendly Valentine’s email and keeps the theme running throughout. All the content, headers and pre-headers refer back to the love theme and leave you in no doubt as to what it is offering. Works great on a mobile device as you just need to click on the product to take you through to an order page.

 Spreadshirt Email

Valentine’s day is an event that divides people but many are still interested in it. Theme based emails like this should be fun and go to town on the theme. The heart theme make it a very visual event and, as the Neighbourhood and Oasis emails show, it can still be used to good effect by stylish brands.

Posted by Jenni Malley

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