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Using custom fonts in your emails – is it worth it?

April 14, 2016

Your brand is important and your clients should recognise it as soon as your email hits their inbox. Logo, colour and even fonts make you different from others. Can you use custom fonts in email? Different email clients render fonts differently and cannot pick up custom fonts unless they’re installed on the recipients machine, which is not likely! There are a few options that could be considered here:

  1. Make the custom fonts work in mobile but have a fallback in place for desktop mail clients.
  2. Create as an image but beware of the limitations of using heavy imagery in your emails.
  3. Use a web safe font.

The safest option would obviously be using web safe fonts as this keeps all the emails consistent across all mail clients. But for branding purposes, some may look at the other options depending on which device the contacts open their email. If most are mobile users, then why not go for option 1; if mostly desktop users, options 2 or 3 may be the ones to be considered. Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks/months, I’ll show you how custom fonts (with fallback) are added to emails.      

Posted by Andrew Chau
Email Design, General

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