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Trigged emails – are you making the right impression?

November 23, 2011

Being pretty new to the world of email marketing, I’m still learning, and every day I read a new article that gives me some more insight into what makes better email campaigns.

But when I recently received a couple of rogue emails, I knew straight away that they had made some obvious mistakes.

The first was a newsletter about cottages in Scotland that I signed up to. I completed the form on the website and clicked the link in the subscription confirmation email as requested. Shortly after I received a newsletter from them, dated April 2011, telling me about special Royal Wedding offers! Not quite what I was expecting.

They must have automatically sent me an old newsletter, instead of adding my details to a new list of subscribers and sending me the next newsletter when it was ready.

The second was following an order I made from Photo Box. Deciding to beat the Christmas rush, I had ordered some Christmas gifts. Delivery was 10 working days, so I was over the moon when my order arrived sooner than I expected. However, two days later I recieved a “Your order is on its way” email. Funny when my order had already arrived and was sitting under my desk! The people or systems at Photo Box obviously weren’t talking to each other, ultimately making them look pretty unprofessional in my eyes.

Being the good marketing professional I am I immediately went on their website to let them know what happened. I got a nice automatic response saying my email had been received and when to expect a reply, then I a personal message to let me know it had been passed onto the relevant department. 

Whatever happened in both these instances, it was clear that these automated emails had failed these compnaies. These sloppy messages have changed my opinion of these brands and maybe even affected the way I engage with them in the future.

Do you have any automatic email triggers set? How long ago were they set up? Do they still do what you originally wanted them to do? If you do, I’d recommend checking they are still relevant and working effectively, otherwise you might be sending out inappropriate messages like the two I got.

Posted by Jenni Malley

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