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TNQ Restaurant – a low cost event promotion solution

March 16, 2010

Preparing for Burns night in January 2008 the owner of TNQ, a large restaurant in Manchester's Northern Quarter, was looking to fill his restaurant with 80 diners keen to enjoy generous helpings of haggis,whiskey and poetry.


TNQ had always used traditional print methods to promote events. The costs were high, the return was low and there was no way of tracking where people had heard about the restaurant. Determined to find a better way they tasked extravision with filling the restaurant with 80 hungry "Laddies and Lassies".


With 4 weeks to spare we sat down with them to select an ideal demographic to target and then purchased relevant local data. We ran a series of emails promoting the event and managed to fill all 80 places with 2 weeks to spare. We used the spare time to survey the diners on their preferred tipple so on arrival TNQ surprised each diner with the beverage of their choice.

We now successfully manage their monthly newsletter and promote all their events; although with regular monthly updates the events rarely need much promoting.

Posted by Paul Latham

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