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Styling your images in case they are disabled

December 21, 2010

Rather annoying isn’t it , when you have designed an email knowing that a minority of your customers will have images disabled. In most email clients you can style the image even if images are disabled...

What do we mean by this?

Most images are either titles of text with different font, text that is bigger than the recommended maximum size in html (18px) or are pictures/graphics related to your email. The alt text of an image will be displayed if images are disabled and you can style the alt text by putting font tags around the image. This not only makes the email look well designed it will also increase the probability of the customer enabling images for your email and future ones.

How does it work/ the code

Below is the example of code to show you how it works. We have styled the image in the td tag rather than putting it in a span/font tag.

<td colspan="2" style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:16px"><img style="display:block;" alt="Client Spotlight on Essential Spa" border="0" height="22" src="http://mail.extravision.com/images/1210/client-spotlight.gif" width="378" /></td>

Posted by Joel Jarman
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