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Sending over friendly emails

August 22, 2012

Hey You!!
Hows things? Did you have a good weekend?!!!
Please can you send me that report ASAP??? smiley
Cheers love!
Have you ever received an email that looks like this?

I was just wondering when did it become acceptable to place a kiss, at the end of a work email? To use smiley faces laugh cheeky angel ? Or to use over exaggerated punctuation……!!!!?
This example is a bit embellished but we’ve all been on the receiving end of something similar from a work colleague or acquaintance.
A recent survey showed that 66% of people find kisses on work emails annoying and 50% objected to abbreviations such as OMG and LOL. 28% felt that cheesy greetings like “happy Friday!” were inappropriate and sent their Fridays spiraling in the opposite direction.
Personally I’m very traditional when it comes to communicating with colleagues through email and the punctuation, layout and spelling (although my colleagues may not always agree!) should be perfect and I still see email as formal communication that should still be written with care.
It’s easy to be slack when composing an email as you may fire off hundreds in a day, but it’s always better to be cautious as you never know where your email may end up. Someone else may be picking up emails from that inbox or it may get forwarded (intentionally or accidentally) to someone higher up in the company. And who knows what impact that may have.
If somebody dared to send me a shoddy email like the one above it would automatically go straight to the bottom of the to do pile.
So if you want me to take your email seriously and action it straight away, a well laid out email with a simple greeting simple sign off, clear call to action and absolutely no smiley faces or silly questions will do just the trick.
Thank you.

Posted by Jenni Malley
General, Writing copy

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