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Save time importing large lists with off line importing

September 12, 2014

As one of our clients, you already know that the list import process in the latest version of Messenger provides a simple and easy to follow way of importing data into your marketing campaigns. However, for some of you who have larger data lists, it can still be inconvenient because of the time the process takes after you've uploaded the data. From today, we're adding a new feature to the list upload that will allow you to get back to work quicker. We know you value list quality so we analyse each set of data you send us to identify any potential issues up front, before it can go on to cause deliverability or feedback issues further down the line. On larger files (those with over ten thousand rows or so) these checks can take a significant time compared to the time spent uploading the file, even if there were only a few columns. You can now choose not to wait for these checks to complete there and then, and instead have Messenger complete them for you in the background.

As you can see, using the new 'off line import' system is dead simple - just enter an email address to which we'll send an email when the import is complete, and the import popup will then close and leave you free to get on with other tasks. You may be wondering what happens to the typos that we find that you'd normally be able to download on the final step. You can now get these from the 'import history' button on the List page in Messenger. You can also redownload failures from other on and off line list imports. If you are running a particularly complicated campaign, it's not unusual to have to upload data for several different segments. You'll be pleased to know that you can have several off line imports going at once, and we'll send you a note each time one of them completes. We look forward to seeing you try out the new feature, do bear in mind that for smaller lists it may work out slower, and certainly for very small lists you may not even be able to select the option because it's already near enough complete by the time you've seen the page appear.

Posted by Tom Chiverton
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