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Response to the Heartbleed issue

April 15, 2014

It's not often that news about IT makes the first headline on the national news, but the 'Heartbleed' bug was one of those that has really has caught peoples attention. You've probably read or heard about it by now as it was a serious issue with a large number of sites that use 'https://' to encrypt information flowing between you and the web site.

Extravision became aware of the vulnerability last week, and immediately checked all our services. None of our services have the issue so you do not need to change your password.

If you have used the same password with another service that has asked you to change your password it is advisable you change it with us as well even though the risk to an individual account is very low. You can change your password via the 'settings' in the top menu bar in Reports or Messenger.

There is a great overview of which accounts you should consider changing your password for here.

If you have any further questions of concerns, please get in contact with us at the normal address.

Posted by Tom Chiverton

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