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Question Time? Party Political emails up for debate

April 19, 2010

Loving The Yellow Brick Road's recent review of the html newsletters for each political party. Yes, the Conservative one from George Osborne had a personal signature, but it was very wordy with no sub-headings, making it pretty hard to digest.
Yes, The Green Party one is OK. Colourful, easier to read & there are short intros with links to longer articles, interesting images & links to various Green party sites and profiles. Plus a prominent link to their RSS feed and a website-like footer with links to more Green Party information.
And over to the Lib Dems. Oh what huge images Mr Clegg & what a basic layout? And what are those strange coloured links all about?
Oh and what about good old Labour? A case of failure to deliver again, as the only thing received was a 'thanks for signing up' one. Do you reckon they do know there is an election in a few weeks?  So on the customer email engagement debate, The Green Party is ahead in the html design polls so far.....


Posted by Paul Latham
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