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The Modern Day Workplace

May 12, 2011

I remember back to my school days, spending my work experience time in a local law firm. I’m not inclined to give my age away, but admittedly, things were different back then. The digital boom was only just upon us and the day to day running of any workplace was based around the telephone and the fax machine. In fact, I think I spent most of that week filing and faxing rather than learning anything remotely ‘law-related’. Perhaps that’s why I now work in sales?!This got me thinking about how the modern day workplace has evolved and how the likes of modern technology, social networking and email have made it so easy for us to adapt to working from home. Something that would just not have been possible a few years back.Having recently made the decision to go back to my roots by returning to Ireland, my home is now my office and my office is now my home. My blackberry has become my every day telephone, email has become my primary means of communication and Skype has become my way of keeping up to date with the office gossip.Some might argue that this idea of working from home is driving us further into isolation and disconnecting us from our colleagues and wider society. Funnily enough, on my last day in the office my colleagues made a joke that they were going to gradually ‘phase me out’ until I became a distant memory. This still hasn’t happened and luckily I still feel as much part of the office as when I worked there. Modern day technology has kept me connected to my colleagues and my clients and quite frankly, has made my working life that little bit more interesting and fun for me. I seem to get work done more quickly and have more time to focus on running my own email campaigns and trying to grow new business. I’m also quite lucky not to have to suffer the hourly commute to work anymore or partake in the daily tea rounds in the office.However, there are some drawbacks.  I’m constantly in my place of work and so there’s always an inclination to check my emails at night time and sometimes it’s hard to switch off.  It’s quite difficult to set up meetings with prospective and existing clients as most of them are based in England and I often find I miss out on going to the pub after work and joining in with the general office banter.I suppose I really can’t complain though, because in a sense I have the best of both worlds and I have to admit, I am partial to the odd pyjama day...

Posted by Paul Latham
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