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List import enhanced in January Messenger update

January 23, 2015

Our first update to Messenger this year brings some new features and improvements centred on the list upload area.

Something you may already have noticed if you logged in to Messenger today is that you no longer have to select a campaign in order to work with lists. When we updated custom fields last year we removed any connection between the custom fields selected when you upload a list and a particular campaign, so we've been able to move the lists page up the menu. This makes quickly updating the data of your clients a lot easier.

In the list upload dialogue itself, there are two minor changes we've added in response to your feedback.

list import dialogue showing seperator and duplicate drop down boxesWe've added additional separators for your data, so if you have colon or semicolon separated text files there is no need to convert these yourself any more. At the same time, we've made the import process more robust if you have slightly odd column headings.
You can also now choose not to have duplicated email address removed. For instance if your campaign is to land lords, with custom data for each property, there's no longer any need to split your lists up or ask our support team to do this for you. The default remains to remove duplicated data, and we'd recommend you don't change it unless you know you will have them as it provides a great double check of your data.

Last year we launched background list imports. Now that we've gained a few months of real usage from it we've been able to make a few targeted improvements to address particular issues. One change you'll notice is that we won't send you an email to let you know we've received the request any more. If the web site tells you we've started the job, it really has been started so the email was just clogging up your inbox. You'll still get an email when a background list import finishes, and it includes all the same information as before.

You may also notice a few smaller improvements, for instance the test message page now tells you how many people are selected. Working with SMS campaigns has also been updated to remove some warnings and adjust the way lists are validated for use against them.

In the next month or two we'll deliver further updates including an improved job submission process but as always please get in touch if there is anything that you think we should be looking at.

Posted by Tom Chiverton
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