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Is it the end of the line for the email newsletter?

January 27, 2015

I recently suggested to a client should consider launching an email newsletter. His reaction was not warm. “I get loads of email newsletters and I immediately bin them all”.

Is he right? Is it time to ditch the humble e-newsletter, traditionally the cornerstone of all email marketing activity? In the age of dynamic content and life cycle marketing could it be time to move on?

Mmmm..…well before you celebrate not having to compile the next edition maybe it still has a place? One of the key focuses of 2014 was content marketing. ‘How to’ videos, thought leadership, industry tips and advice, blogs etc. are all a key part of marketing. Simply telling people how great you are no longer works on savvy buyers.

This means that all this great content is being created anyway for SEO purposes and to keep your hungry twitter feed going. You need to make sure it also gets used in your email program. 

Remember your existing clients and prospects may not follow you on twitter or pay much attention to your site so an email gets you directly in front them. So don't ditch the newsletter but do avoid putting everyone to sleep by following the tips below:

1. Shake up the format. Lead boldly on the hottest topic so it feels like quality content marketing and not a dull 90s corporate newsletter. This example from Topshop is a good one. 


Top Shop


2. Focus on subject line and choose something related to the lead article. ‘ABC Limited Newsletter January 2015’ is not going to set any hearts racing.

3. Have a rethink on the design and go for striking imagery like this one from Coventry University.

Cov univ

4.Think about regularity. If you’re producing daily content then send a weekly blog round to have more impact.

5. Update the design and move away from traditional formats. Leading with video content is a winner especially if using real-time dynamic content.

Posted by Jenni Malley

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