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iPad – What’s all the fuss about ?

April 7, 2010

So, the new great invention from Apple was released in the US this week. The iPad was released on Saturday 3rd April and people queued for hours to try and get hold of one. It seems that Apple have the knack of developing products that look like they are from a sci fi movie that everybody wants.

I love my iPod and have had many generations of them. I don't have an iPhone and prefer my Blackberry for email. And I've been thinking for a while about getting the Apple TV. But I'm struggling to figure out what I would use an IPad for.

I use my iPod touch alot at home for watching movies and browsing the web. Its quicker than booting my laptop and waiting for all the apps to start before I can look at the one page I want. So, for this, the iPad would be much better as the screen is bigger and will be easier to read. Also, I have to say, some of the games for the iPad look great and will be really addictive no doubt.

As an email reader the iPad has a number of advantages. It has a large preview screen and the same rendering engine that is used in Apple Mail and on the iPhone. This means that emails are displayed correctly without the email designers having to worry about various rendering issues. However, if I was going to carry my iPad on the train to read emails, would I not just carry my laptop instead ? I think the iPad is aimed at the consumer rather than the business user.

But, I hear that syncronising your iPod, iPhone and iPad isn't that easy at the moment and alot has to be done manually. It also doesn't have 3G and only wi-fi and even if I did like all the features and really wanted one ... would I ever buy a first generation device ? Even now reports have started to filter through that the wi-fi doesn't work very well and people are having problems rejoining a known wi-fi connection. This could be a major headache for the people who have already bought their iPad if it turns out to be a hardware issue.

So, is the iPad just a bigger version of an iPod touch or iPhone ?
Will I spend $500 on a web browser for my home. Probably not but you never know ...

Posted by Simon Hill

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