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Intelligent email marketing – shopping cart abandonment

August 8, 2013

Intelligent email marketing has evolved more than ever in the last couple of years. Online experts, many bloggers and more importantly facts and figures tell us how effective it is. Companies are realising its full potential and appreciate what a vital sales tool it really is. Meaning the topic of ’Email Marketing’ is finally getting more airtime than ever before in board rooms all over the world.

Something that had an impact on me recently was actually a strategy that I’ve been talking to clients about for a while…’shopping cart abandonment’ emails. Millions of pounds are lost at that point where you have to enter credit card details, or simply lose your connection, get distracted etc. Although not all is lost as with an email you can still make the sale.

An email to these people is vital. There are a few schools of thought around the timing of the first email you send, but it is widely agreed upon (and has been tested) that sending a retrieval email quickly is imperative. The longer you wait, the more you lose.

In an article I read only this morning, the guy in the example was able to recover more than 4,000 lost sales over a 6 month period. Impressive.

My recent experience is proof that it works.

It was raining again in Manchester so I thought it was time for some sunshine! I grabbed my iPad and began to search for a flight. I get discounts through Monarch (in return for receiving their newsletter) so started there, logged in and searched for a flight to Faro – £89. I added it to my cart, moved on to Sky Scanner and spent another 20 minutes looking, then got a bit bored and drifted to other sites.

An hour later I received an email… it’s from Monarch. It has the subject line ‘Changed your mind about Faro? More deals this way!’ – I didn’t open it, although the subject line stayed in my mind and left me thinking about the deals and how I should get it sorted asap.

Next day I am at work with lunch time approaching. I get an email from Monarch. It has the subject line ‘Reminder….more deals this way!

Main headline of the email:


‘We’ve noticed that you haven’t yet booked your trip to Faro’

Are you still looking? We have some great options here for you.

Monarch Email


The images were of sunny Faro and other places. Five minutes later I was printing off my documents and ordering some new flip flops. Deal done. Well played Monarch. With some intelligent email marketing in place - you have won!

That got me thinking about the millions of other times this technique would’ve worked before my experience. Then to thinking of the millions of more times that this will work on someone else.

Companies are making lots and lots of money from this approach – don’t miss out on a share! Someone at Extravision can tell you how it is possible.

Posted by Paul Latham
Topical email

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