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Integrating your campaigns with Google Analytics

February 2, 2011

In the past, reports for email campaigns would only allow you to follow recipients up to the point where they clicked a link in your email campaign. After this, the tracking ended as the user was redirected to another website. Now, with the Extravision integration to Google Analytics you can to track web site activity that results from links in your email campaigns. All you need is to have Google Analytics tracking setup and running on yours or your clients website.

Google Analytics is a free tool used by millions of people for their web site statistics and to track conversion rates and ROI. You can determine precisely how a user moves through your web site after clicking on a link and how this influences the goals you have setup in analytics. Google Analytics can also tell you what pages your clients are viewing most frequently, how long they are spending on your site and their point of exit. All this is useful information for optimising your website and judging the effectiveness of your email campaign.

Getting Started

If you haven't already got a free Google Analytics account then the first stage is to sign up for an account and follow the simple instructions to enable the tracking on your website. Once complete and analytics is successfully tracking your site then Integration with Extravision is simple. To get started, in Messenger, select the campaign you wish to integrate and select the tracking tab. On the right hand side of the page  you will see a "Google Analytics" button.

Whenever you create a new campaign these are the settings that you need to complete to enable Google Analytics tracking. The system automatically uses the campaign settings to get the default values. In general, all the default values can be used and the only field you need to complete is the website to track.

In more detail ...

A more detailed description of each field is given below.

Website to Track

In a campaign you can have links to many different websites. To enable Google Analytics tracking you need to tell the system which website you are interested in. For example we would enter www.extravision.com to add analytics tracking to all links to our site.

Campaign Source - Default - Extravision

The source of the clicks as seen in Google Analytics. It can be thought of as who is driving the traffic to the website.

Campaign Medium - Default - Email

This is how the message is delivered and the default of Email should always be used.

Campaign Name - Default - The campaign name

The is the name of the campaign and the name shown in the Google Analytics Campaign list. Although the default is the campaign name it could be a generic catch all for a number of campaigns. For example, if you set the campaign name to "Newsletters" for all your newsletter campaigns then they will all be grouped together in Analytics under the "Newsletter" campaign. You can then view the overall effectivness of all your newsletters

Campaign Content

This isn't a required field and can be left blank in most cases. It can be used for A/B testing. For example, if your campaign name is always "Newsletters" then the campaign content could be the name of the campaign.

Its important to remember that the only field that you need to edit is the website to track field.

What can you see in Google Analytics

Once in your Google Analytics account, click on "Traffic Sources" in the navigation on the left, and then click "Campaigns". This will display a list of all the campaigns that have been tagged for Google Analytics to track. This could include campaigns from a number of sources and not just Extravision email campaigns.



If you click on a specific campaign you will see a basic overview of the traffic from that campaign. This includes the total number of visits, the number of pages viewed and the average time spent on the site.



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Posted by Simon Hill

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