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How To Get Your Perfect Email Template

May 12, 2017

If you send email campaigns then you probably use a template. Not every email campaign needs to be designed from scratch. Most will have the same design as a previous campaign but with new content.

Using a template means you don’t have to use your designer each time and you can create your emails under your own steam. It also means every email contains the correct legal requirements including a functioning unsubscribe, online version and company details. 

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So, what are your options for getting a template in place?

Option 1: The free templates from your ESP

Most email service providers will present you with ready built templates when you log in. You will be offered templates that fit various campaign types, such as events, as well as seasonal themes such as Christmas or Mother’s day.  These can be great as they are already designed for you and will give you suggestions on layout etc.  But proceed with caution– they’re not for everyone. If you’re a small company then they’re a life saver.  But if you have a strong brand with brand guidelines then they’re unlikely to look professional enough without a lot of tinkering. 

Option 2: Get your design team to create one

Asking your in-house designers or design agency to build a campaign makes a lot of sense. They know your digital brand guidelines inside out and can create something custom made for your brand. But when it comes to coding it you will need to take care. Coding HTML for email is not the same as building a web page and they need to consider how it will display in all email clients and on all devices. For example, background images are not an option whereas the use of tables and style sheets is essential. 

Option 3: Get one designed by an email specialist.

This is by far the best option – but then I would say that wouldn’t I? Asking your ESP to create you a template means it will be responsive, completely bespoke to you and will render correctly in all email clients. More importantly, if there are any issues with how your email looks on various email clients, it will be their responsibility to fix it. 

They will also be able to think not just about how it looks but optimising the design to get the best results for email.


Templates give your team the power to create their own emails without relying on a designer. Most ESPs now have drag and drop editors meaning you can adapt your template to suit your needs each time. So having a good starting point that is on brand and complies with best practice is essential. 



Posted by Jenni Malley
Email Design

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