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How to craft the perfect re-engagement email: Topshop example

June 1, 2017

In an ideal world, everyone on your list would be eagerly awaiting your email. They would click all the links and respond to every call to action. But in the real world, some people on our list fall away. They stop opening, clicking and replying and become a ‘non-engaged' contact.

Why you should not continue to mail people who don’t engage

It’s good practice to cleanse your list and remove these people. They could be impacting your sender reputation and skewing your campaign stats. It also shows that your approach with these people (frequency, style of campaign) simply isn’t working. To read more about the need to try something different with these recipients click here.

What you should do with these contacts

When you’ve compiled your list of people who haven’t engaged for over 12 months you need to decide what to do with them. This is a great example from Topshop. They have acknowledged my lack of engagement and are telling me what they’re going to do about it. In this case they are reducing my frequency. It's important here that a). they reduce the frequency of emails to me so I don't unsubscribe and b). that they don't reduce the frequency  to those recipients who love their brand and buy regularly.

Segmenting in this way, based on engagement, can boost revenue. They can still make revenue from the less frequent engagers like me as long as I stay on their list. But they will also make more money by continuing to email the more engaged people on a regular basis.  Topshop

Why did I single out the Topshop example?

This email works because it knows its audience. It knows that these people are not engaging and therefore won’t give the email much time. So it’s very short on words, very simple in design and I can work out what it’s saying from just a glance. It was very different from their normal designs which caught my eye. It also had a subject line of ‘let’s chat up’ and a pre-header of ‘do you really want to say goodbye?’ which got me to open.

What else could they have done?

What they should do now is follow this up with a 'hook' email in the form of a discount or other eye catching email. This group of recipients may not be as bought in as others but they did subscribe or buy something once and therefore could buy again. You can make revenue and build brand loyalty with these people overall but only with a new approach. 

Posted by Jenni Malley

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