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How do you re-engage with email subscribers?

February 22, 2016

If you deem the email campaigns you send to be successful, then it is unlikely that you feel there is a need for deploying a re-engagement strategy. But are you really communicating with an actively engaged audience? Sending the same emails to both your engaged and non-engaged recipients can be potentially damaging to your brand and is not the most effective way to communicate with either group.

Your approach to data management should be focused on quality over quantity and exactly what you can do with non-engaged recipients varies greatly and depends on the original data. With any group of email subscribers, people will have signed up for a variety of reasons and what may be of interest to one, may not always be to another. This factor is important when evaluating any email inactivity.

For B2B campaigns your offering simply might not be relevant for now or the next 12 months or so, but eventually it might be the right time and secure a deal. You may simply wish to reduce your email communications to B2B non engaged contacts to once every quarter.

However if your data is old, and you are attempting to remove old non active email addresses this could be approached as a data cleansing exercise.

Dealing with inactive data can be quite a challenge. But contact management is just as important as growing your list. By conducting a re-engagement campaign you can expect to achieve:

  • Improved inbox placement
  • A boost to open and click through rates
  • Customers incentivised to purchase more
  • Reduced running costs of email campaigns in the long term
  • Reduced chance of triggering spam traps

When is a re-engagement campaign required?

You can do this at any stage of your email marketing activity, the sooner the better. Conducting this type of campaign may not be the most attractive of marketing tasks and potentially making your mailing list smaller may seem like a bad idea, but your efforts will pay off in the end.

You might be more inclined to do this if -

  • You possess a database, with customers who haven't made a purchase in a long time how do you encourage them to get back into the purchasing cycle?
  • Your average open rate is particularly low. Do you have a group of people who are constantly ignoring your emails?

How do you create a re-engagement campaign?

Once you have defined the parameters, isolate the inactive data from your database. Have a clear focus and goal for your campaign from the outset. This could be:

  • To know that people are still interested in your services
  • To understand that people still want to receive your emails and be informed
  • To encourage people to make a purchase

Here are some tried and tested methods of re-engagement campaigns.

Do something different with a current campaign

This is a very easy and simple change to make. Changing one or more elements of your campaign/s might be enough to make the recipient sit up and engage. Things you could change:

  • The time or day the email is sent
  • The name of the sender
  • The main visual
  • The subject line of your email
  • The call to action

Tell them what they've missed

Be brave and bold. Create a dedicated campaign and use your subject line and the content of your email your subscribers exactly what they've been missing out on.

Incentivise them to return

Create a special offer or voucher. Since many people are motivated by money and offers, retailers and B2C companies will offer a discount voucher to entice customers back into the purchase cycle.

Ask people if they still want to receive your emails

A quick 'was it something we said?' style email addresses the issue straight away. Ask people whether or not they still want to receive emails from you and make it easy to respond. If they open, they will appreciate your honesty and have their preferences updated instantly.

You've sent your re-engagement campaign, now what?

Some people will have still ignored your email, but some people have engaged with you. Whether that is an open, a click or a response, most importantly this activity tells you that the recipient is still interested in what you are sending. This will provide a better understanding about the makeup of your data, exactly who is or isn't engaged.

Don't get rid of any email addresses that haven't responded. You can always send this group the campaign second time, with either the same campaign, or a different one to see if this creates any activity.

Be prepared not to see massive results, after all remember that this group is already disengaged. But going through the process will ensure that you have completed the full circle of email communication, and done everything in your power to entice people back into engaging with your emails.

Once you have marked your data up as engaged and non-engaged you can continue to market to both lists. Your engaged data will work hard and provide you with great results constantly, whilst as soon as you see an activity within your non-engaged data switch them to the engaged list.

This will give you plenty of time to assess the quality of the data over a designated period of time, before making the final decision as whether the data still holds any value for you.

We recommend going through this process every 12 months to ensure your data is as good as it possibly can be and it gives enough time for enough activity to take place and new data trends to form. The success of any process like this depends greatly on the quality of the original data and its origin.

If youid like to re-engage with your email subscribers, please call the team on 0161 817 2929 or email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Posted by Jenni Malley

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