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How did that work out for Nokia then ?

July 21, 2011

Some time ago, I wrote about some of the issues Nokia was facing and as it became clear what their strategy was, how it looked like their tie-up with Microsoft would pan out. Well today we got the answer.

Unfortunately it's not good news for Nokia, who announced their second quarter results today.
Firstly the headlines are that Nokia has a reported operating loss of a third of a billion euros ! In a single quarter.

It's no wonder Rory Cellan-Jones (the BBC's technology correspondent) quotes ex-Microsoft Nokia head Stephen Elop as saying the results are 'clearly disappointing'.  The Guardian's technology editor, Charles Arthur, doesn't sugar coat it either when he points out on Twitter that 'Nokia’s total mobile sales down to same level as 2006Q3, mobile revenues lowest since 2005Q3'.

Coupled with persistent rumors that Nokia's newest phone, the N9 wont come to the UK at all, as well as an undertaking to give away phones at cost price, it looks like this once successful corporate giant could well be heading for a nasty fall.

Will Nokia be able to turn itself around ? Will it's Microsoft partnership, due to bring out it's first 'new Nokia' device at the tail end of year, bear fruit or just turn sour ? With Nokia claiming 'we are making better-than-expected progress toward our strategic goals' the question has to be if they will complete the changes before they run out of cash.

And if Microsoft can't find a use for Nokia, will any one else ? Could we see yet another promising mobile operating system disapear, in the shape of Windows Mobile ? And what would that mean for Microsoft, who surely can't keep feeding off Office and Windows forever ? We'll have to see !

Posted by Tom Chiverton

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