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How can email and social media work together

June 22, 2012

Email and social media are two of the most popular communication tools for marketers, but the general speculation that social media will wipe out email is uncalled for and here's our explanation why.

They should be aligned to work pro-actively together. Remember email is a tool that people are confident in using, it has been around long enough to have a loyal following and it is a channel that is still seen as offering a good return on investment.

Social media has been successful in is making communication more open and visible. It provides the opportunity to get closer to an audience and understand what is being said in the moment.

The practicalities of incorporating social media into email

78% of the UK online population use social networks and sharing websites like Facebook and Twitter to share and pass on information.

If you have a social presence you should take every opportunity available to make it visible to customers; sending email campaigns provides the perfect chance to do so. At the very least you should be following the advice below -

  • At the most basic level your own personal email signature should include links to your social profiles. That way every email you send will show you have a social media presence.
  • Does your newsletter template have links to your social media profiles? If not, include them. This simple sign posting will drive people to your profile and increase the flow of traffic between your emails and your social sites.
  • Sharing emails has moved on from the 'forward to a friend' link. If your content is good enough people will want to share it on social media. Make it easy and encourage this by including social share buttons within the email.

Share Newsletters

These methods are all about making it as easy as possible to find your social media profiles from your email campaigns and creating opportunities for people to share the content.

How else are the two mutually beneficial?

The basic fact is that you require an email address before you can even sign up and login to social media sites. The ability for the cross over and nurturing of leads and contacts already exists. It's up to you to make the most of the opportunities available.

  • Social media profiles can be used to collect email addresses. There is designated space on these sites to include information about your company in your profile. Use this space to link to a newsletter sign up form. This is an excellent cross over opportunity to gather email data from people who want to stay informed about your business.
  • If you are running a social media competition, how do you maximise exposure? Use your database to create an email campaign promoting your competition and send to your data. These contacts who may not be familiar with your social sites are will sign up and you'll be gaining more followers.
  • Be pro-active in starting conversation about your brand. How? If there is a particular #hashtag associated with your industry or your company include this in your emails. This works really well for events and webinars as it aides people to get involved in the conversation before, during and after the event.

Share Newsletters

What's in store for the future of email and social media?

The latest E-Consultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2012 asked email marketers how they see email and social media working together. Here are some of the findings -

  • 20% of companies say they intend to focus on the social media integration of their email marketing

Integrating email and social media creates greater customer engagement and produces more relevant interactions and results. Social media complements and assists with the lead nurturing process just as much as email, so benefits all parties.

  • 39% of companies view email and social media as complementary channels.

By building on the separate strengths of social and email, you can really maximise your marketing and engagement strategy to get the best results. Use social media to disseminate notifications to a wide audience and email as a targeted and segmented approach to key decision makers and influencers.

If you'd like Extravision to help you make your email campaigns more social please call the team on 0161 817 2929 or email us [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Posted by Jenni Malley

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