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Goodmail is no longer

February 3, 2011

Today we received an email from the CEO of Goodmail Systems informing us that as of 8th February 2011 Goodmail will cease operations. Our contact at Goodmail tells me that they were close to doing a deal with Symantec but it didn't quite materialise and this was the only option available.

Although this comes as a bit of a surprise I can see a few reasons why business must have been tough. When we started working with Goodmail they offered CertifiedEmail for AOL and Yahoo. This was an attractive proposition for many clients and worth paying the small token charge for each email to be delivered with all images turned on.

In February 2010 Goodmail announced that emails to Yahoo would have reduced privileges and the CertifiedEmail icon would not be displayed and delivery would not be guaranteed. A couple of weeks later I heard they had signed a deal with Microsoft to send CertifiedEmail. When I asked about this I was told it was a pilot scheme and I can only guess that this never progressed any further.

What happened with Yahoo and Hotmail nobody really knows but without these big players Goodmails offering became very limited. From what I understand, when an ISP signed up to work with Goodmail, the ISP was contractually bound to deliver the emails signed by Goodmail. This was a huge undertaking for any ISP and they had to rely on the certification process and ongoing monitoring of clients by Goodmail. Maybe Yahoo and Hotmail started to receive emails they didn't want to from Goodmail clients ? We will probably never know.

Whatever happened, it is sad to see Goodmail disappear and will be interesting to see whether another vendor fills the market space or will sender financed delivery simply be a thing of the past.

Posted by Simon Hill

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