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Getting at your campaign data

August 13, 2012

In the final part of our series on the main features of Reports, I'd like to very quickly talk about ways you can retrieve your campaign data from the system. If you have already logged in to the new Extravision Reports you will have probably already explored around the campaign section, and found the Download tab.

One of the things we often see people doing is wanting to reuse some of the data about people who'd been part of campaign. This could be something as important as getting a spread sheet of everyone who clicked a link requesting a call back so that it can be passed to the sales team. Another popular task is to create a follow up or nudge campaign based on the people who did (or didn't!) respond to a particular email.

The first part of the download tab is there to get these sort of tasks done. Simply select a group of people (such as those who didn't open, or who clicked), choose a file format and press 'download'. You can of course choose to only receive certain fields (for instance, adding the message body makes the file very large, and may not be of interest to you), as well as use the filter to select particular date ranges or types of interaction such as a particular link or bounce reason.

One great little feature here is that you can also choose 'list' as a file format, which will copy the matching people into a list in Messenger. You can then use this with a copy of the current campaign to create a follow up to those who didn't receive the first one, for instance.

We also noticed that sometimes it was a lot of effort to download and collate a whole bunch of different data downloads into a single report that would cover the most important performance indicators of a campaign.

The other half of the download tab is devoted to a series of management reports that makes this task as straight forward as possible. Each report focuses on a different metric about your campaign, such as the click or bounce areas.
Once you've picked a report type, you can immediately see a preview on screen of how this will look on the page.

We've already summarized the most important features of each area for you, so all you need to do is make any amends to the default text to highlight what you feel is most important, and press the download button. You'll now be sent a permanent PDF version that you can archive, take along to meetings to refer to or use as part of your internal documentation.

Even though this concludes this first sequence of posts, we're still working on adding more features to make your life easier so don't hesitate to contact us using the 'Help' button in Reports if you'd like to get in touch about something that could make you life even easier.

We'll be back with more news in a few weeks, in the mean time, have fun with the new Reports !

Posted by Tom Chiverton
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