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Farrow & Ball – a newsletter solution with a high click through rate

October 22, 2010

Farrow & Ball, the established British manufacturer of traditional, high quality wallpapers and paints, recently went through a complete redesign and rebuild of their website to create an exciting new e-commerce site where customers can order online.

Extravision had been managing Farrow & Ball's previous newsletter campaigns and were asked to build and send a new newsletter campaign in September, to go out to around 120,000 customers in the UK, EU and North America, with the objective of promoting the new e-commerce site.


Extravision needed to build a newsletter, which achieved a high click through rate to the new e-commerce site and specific products and services; encouraging customers to place an online order, or locate a local stockist.


20% of recipients clicked through to the new look website, which was well above a B2C Retail benchmark of a 4.8% click through rate. The new Living with Colour design book enjoyed an 18% click through rate; the new Baroque wallpaper range got a 12% click through rate; with one specific wallpaper design, Orangerie, attracting 13% of recipients to take a closer look.

Jenni Malley, Digital Account Manager at Extravision, said “The newsletters are great design examples with just the right balance of images and interesting articles to inspire customers to click through to the new site.”

Posted by Paul Latham

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