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Extravision Reports updated

July 20, 2012

We've just updated Extravision Reports in response to our customers feedback, adding one or two things that you've been asking us to provide.

Firstly, you can now see the operating system used to open your campaigns. Be aware that because it is so complicated for users to turn on images on Blackberry devices, you probably will not see many here despite us knowing that these devices are very popular in certain market segments.

We hope you'll have fun exploring this new option - you can find it on the opens tab of each campaign's overview. The data is available immediately for all campaigns sent in future, as well as for any campaigns sent in the last month or so.

We've also added 'thsi week' and 'this month' as quick options to the company summary, so that you can get the results shown you need even quicker.

Another thing we heard people wanted to be able to do was to look at more than one bounce category at a time when looking at their last months bounces, either in the CRM view or as a downloaded spreadsheet.
You can now choose multiple items from the list of categories in both places once the filter is turned on.

We've also fixed a few minor display issues, so the event log in the company overview now correctly starts on Monday and Campaigns with over 100 thousand sent items also display a lot neater on the first overview page.

As always, there are a also a whole bunch of smaller fixes for issues you may not have run across, including:
The campaign overview is now a lot more responsive, especially for the grouped views like opens by email client or the new operating system list. This means you should see 'loading your data' a lot less often.

Posted by Tom Chiverton
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