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Excludes filter upgraded

November 10, 2014

One important task for our customers who run ongoing campaigns that co-ordinate with other systems is making sure that the various suppression, excludes or unsubscribes lists are in sync across all their platforms.
In Messenger, this is managed via 'exclude lists' and we've just released a new easier to use version of this section.

As before, you access your excludes via the 'edit' button on the Filter page, but where previously this was split into different sections it now shows both your generic excludes and exclude lists at a single glance.


We’ve also improved the wording and layout and made actions like downloading and deleting lists occur in a much more streamlined fashion.

We know some of you have a lot of excludes to manage, so there is now an at a glance overview of generic excludes, and we’ve made it trivial to add, search and remove people from the generic excludes.
You can also now add many people at once to generic excludes by uploading a file of email address or domains, instead of having to ask our support team to do this for you.

As a bonus, newly uploaded exclude lists will automatically be added to the current campaign, which should be a great time saver for the most common users of excludes lists.

We’ve also changed the default to use both generic excludes and lists if a list is selected as this should cause less surprise to everyone. Of course you can untick the option and only use the selected lists if you need to.

We hope you find these improvements useful when you do have to delve into the details of your suppression lists.

Posted by Tom Chiverton
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