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Email goes all social

April 2, 2010

Just as “two heads are better than one”, it makes sense that two complementary marketing practices can be used more effectively to engage with customers in less of a disjointed way. Consumers need brand consistency as they jump from one social platform to the next and so getting friendly with these social platforms, can give email even greater strength.

Yes, 2010 is the year when social media will make e-mail marketing more powerful. Social media is a partner, not a threat, to e-mail marketing because it provides new avenues for sharing and engaging customers and prospects. Yes, people are spending loads of time on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and all the others, but that doesn’t mean to say that email has been abandoned. The two channels just need to join forces to create much deeper relationships.

More than 4 out of 10 business executives surveyed by StrongMail said integrating e-mail and social was one of their most important initiatives for 2010, just after improving e-mail performance and targeting and growing opt-in lists.
About a quarter of respondents had already implemented an integrated strategy and another 24% had formulated a strategy and were researching how to put it in practice. But 18% of business executives wanted to add social components to their e-mail campaigns and did not know where to begin. Guess that’s where we come in…

Posted by Paul Latham
Social Media

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