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Don’t miss those August email opportunities

August 22, 2012

It’s a little sleepy August isn’t it? The schools are shut and your commute to work is a lot more bearable than usual. If you look at the stats for your email marketing campaigns you can see that the number of autoreplies is through the roof.  

So if you are sat there in a deserted office you need to take advantage of the quieter time rather than taking your foot off the gas.  In 2-3 weeks’ when people return to work en masse we will be into the busiest period of the year for many businesses. 

Below is a list of things you could be doing during this potentially less frantic time to make sure that you’re in top shape when everyone returns:

Plan an early lead generation campaign:

People will take a while to get their marketing campaigns going again after the summer so get out of the blocks first.  A well timed business acquisition campaign to targets and prospects could generate some valuable appointments.

Put everything in place for that October event:

If you have an event planned for around October time remember that it’s good to start promoting it 6 weeks in advance to ensure a good turnout.  So that means it’s worth sorting out the agenda page, data, copy out now to make sure you’re not on the last minute. 

Work on articles for your newsletter:

Newsletters can be a bit of an uphill battle when you’re busy so why not spend some time building up some articles to make the next few editions easier (and more likely to go out on time)! 

Remind existing customers who you are:

It’s always worth getting in your clients’ faces early in the Autumn to remind them of your existence.  Remind them of the services that they like to buy from you as well as offering them some that don’t.  Clients can get used to buying just one thing from you and you could be missing out on new revenue streams if you don’t promote all your services and solutions. 

It won’t be long before everyone is back and working life returns to normal.   It’ll be nice to feel smug at all the things you set in motion whilst your colleagues were away.     

Posted by Jenni Malley

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