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Don’t delay, start your cart recover program today

January 23, 2016

The January sales are almost over and its time to prepare for the inevitable slump in online revenue over the coming months.

If you have an ecommerce site and don't have cart recover then now is the time to implement it. With our very cost effective solution we can have your cart recover program up and running in hours. Every day you delay you could be losing precious revenue. You start with a simple cart recover email sent within 30 minutes and then over time you can look to develop your program and implement multi stage campaigns, segmentation and browse abandonment.

Could your cart recover be better ?

If you already have cart recovery implemented then could you be doing it better. Research shows that the most successful abandonment emails are sent within one hour of the cart being abandonded. Any later than this and it is likely your visitor has gone somewhere else to purchase. If you have cart recover then you should also have browse adandonment ? These days people have a number of devices they can use for online shopping. Mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and even their TV. Browse abandonment is designed to catch the "window shoppers". People who browse on one device and then purchase on another. In Decemeber 2013 statistics show that implementing browse abandonment can give you a sales uplift of 2.79%.

The challenge with any type of recover program is visitor identification. If your using Magento and the cart abandonment plugins available then its likely you can only send cart abandoment emails to people who are logged in, usually repeat customers. But what about the very important new customers who you know nothing about. If they don't register then they are lost forever and can never be recovered. Using our advanced identification technology we can identify up to 4 times more people than Magento including the new unidentified visitors.

Posted by Simon Hill
Automation, Technology

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