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Do you have an email strategy?

May 7, 2013

We’re often approached by potential clients who want us to help them run ad hoc, one-off email campaigns. Whilst we get very good results from an individual campaign like these, the outcome can never be as good as if the emails form part of a longer term email strategy.
If you look at other types of marketing such as TV or billboard advertising you would never see brands simply putting up one advert in one location, or advertising on television just once. Their marketing always forms part of a longer term marketing ‘campaign’ over several months rather than just a single slot. Email should be treated in the same way.

At Extravision we often find that it’s the combination of different emails that produce the greatest results; such as branded HTML emails combined with personalised follow up campaigns. We encourage people to focus on their marketing aim (promote an event, expand into a new sector, generate more leads from cold data) and then we suggest a series of emails that we believe will acheive that aim. 
We would encourage you to decide on a frequency upfront in order to maintain regular contact at an appropriate level. Plan what content you need and where it will come from. Will you be writing it yourself, outsourcing to a copywriter, or getting contributions from external sources?  You should establish a consistent look, feel and tone of voice, so you develop a coherent brand that people will remember.   
If you're managing your own campaigns, consider your current email platform. Does it do everything you want? Do you get detailed tracking and reporting, so you can really see what’s going on?   Decide on a process. Diary the various stages leading up to each email release.
Remember results come from sustained effort. So don’t expect miracles – but do watch the analytics closely and be prepared to adapt what you are doing as you go along.  By sticking to a strategy, you give yourself the chance to build an online brand that people notice and remember – whatever the size of your business.

Posted by Jenni Malley

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