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A customised email template for every client

July 13, 2012

We don’t believe in generic email templates.
We could easily offer a series of standard email templates for you to pick from, but we believe that if you’re serious about email marketing you shouldn’t settle for second best.

At Extravision we offer every customer a new personalised HTML template should they not already own one. Here are some of the reasons why -
1.       To reflect your corporate identity and brand
We will incorporate elements of your website, use your logo and brand guidelines to produce a template that aligns with the rest of your marketing collateral
2.       Ensure the design is suitable for all email clients
Your email should render correctly across all email clients so we build something that will do just that and prevent any issues further down the line.
3.       Adhere to email best practice
We will make sure that your template includes all the required links (unsubscribe, forward to a friend etc.) and company details as standard, so you don't have to worry about them.
4.       Design something that suits your specific needs and requirements
Generic templates will only stretch so far. A unique template design will ensure your campaign aids your marketing objectives and goals.
5.       Easy to update and edit
Some generic templates are extremely difficult to edit. Rather than struggling to undo somebody elses work, we know we can edit it and change it with ease.
If that’s not enough to persuade you why you need a personalised HTML, then give our sales team a call on 0161 817 2929 or email [email protected] to find out more.

Posted by Jenni Malley
Email Design

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