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Comparing campaigns and downloading form’s data

June 29, 2012

Last time I spoke about the new features of the company dashboard, like a list of your recent campaigns and the important data about them. But one thing we hear people asking a lot for was 'How well am I doing ? Am I getting more click throughs ?' The first feature we'll look at today shows how you can now answer these sort of questions, and then we'll also look at how the new Reports makes downloading the data entered into forms easier.

If you logged in to the new reports following my last post, you may already have noticed that at the bottom of the screen there are three tabs, and it's the last two of these we'll be looking at today.

The middle tab is 'Compare' and allows you to select any campaigns you want to compare against each other. Do your newsletters drive as much traffic as the event emails ?



Simply drag and drop campaigns from the list on the left and drop them on the table. To remove one, click the close icon on the in the top right of each row.

Of course, you can change the default order (which is by date) to any of the other columns by clicking the column header, and even download the data as a PDF of the table, or Excel spreadsheet containing the raw data. The final button also allows you to view the same data as a chart.

The other thing to mention is the forms tab. This lets you do with a few clicks what used to take many more. Selected the tab gives you a list of your latest forms with the option to search for a particular form if you have lots of them.


Just select one of your forms and we'll show you all the gathered data online. This is a lot quicker than having to locate the right one in the custom reports section of the old reports.


As well as selecting just the columns you are interested, you can get a CSV or Excel download from the same window. It's also possible to delete data (such as test registrations) from the same window.

In the next post we'll dive into the details of individual campaigns, but in the mean time why not log in to Reports and have a look around ? We always value your feedback, so please use the options on the 'help' menu at the top to let us know what you liked best.

Posted by Tom Chiverton
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