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The Christmas e-card versus the traditional card

November 12, 2012

It is that time of year again when Christmas is in people's minds. Lights are being switched on in the streets, shops are setting up their Christmas displays and here at Extravision we have started to fulfil some of the many Christmas e-card campaigns we run at this time of year.

In any business it is important to keep in touch with your network of clients and contacts and the festive period is a great time just to touch base and say hi. E-cards (electronic greeting cards) are an efficient and green way of sending such a message but we often get asked do people prefer to receive a traditional card or an e-card ?

Some people feel that e-cards are a lazy and in personal option as it shows no effort in actually writing a card and putting it in the post. Traditional cards can be displayed on your desk for everyone to see and if you wish can be saved for many years in your desk drawers. For the traditionalist an ecard is just one more thing cluttering up your inbox.

I personally don't think that e-cards show that you care less than sending a traditional card.  Most of the traditional cards that I received are pre-printed and sometimes don't even have an individual's signature on them. Not very personal at all. If the card was hand written with a message that was personal to me then it would mean a bit more.

Cost and time wise there is no contest. With the traditional paper card you first need to personalise the design and have it printed. Then providing the printing has gone well you have to find the correct physical address for each recipient, which in these times of hot desking and home working might not be that easy. Next you have to print or write hundreds or maybe thousands of envelopes and place a card in each. Then you have the cost of posting and the environmentally impact that billions of paper cards have as they clog up the postal system and get transported via various forms of transport around the globe.

Sending an e-card couldn't be easier. Choose your design and your personal message. Upload your logo and list of recipients and away they go. You can even see when the recipient looked at your e-card.

How an e-card is perceived or whether it is appreciated by the recipient is very much down to the individual I think but the design and style of the card definitely makes a difference. Take a look at the Christmas e-cards that we have designed and let us know your thoughts on the e-cards vs traditional debate.

Posted by Simon Hill
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