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Celebrate with an email

January 10, 2012

Recently I celebrated my birthday and I received a flurry of texts, tweets and Facebook posts wishing me well, as well as a few real cards through the letterbox! I also got some emails from brands and businesses I’d subscribed to, who had cleverly used the data they hold about me to get in on the birthday fun.

I was offered free wine and discounts at Pizza Express, Las Iguanas and Tampopo. I have had discounts on holidays, and even Scissor Sisters wishing me all the best!

These companies have utlised their data to maximize the fact that a) it’s my birthday, I should be celebrating, and b) we all love a bargain.  These offers have a short shelf life, expiring within 2 weeks – if I bought into them all, not only would I end up very poor, but my waistline would expand significantly!

The Scissor Sisters email it seems a bit pointless, made up of blatant self promotional links to their social media sites – what’s in that for me? They could have at least sent an e-card greeting with a song or video embedded. I wish I could show it to you, but they didn’t include a click here to view online link. Tut.

But still it’s all very good work from some fantastic B2C companies; who are using the data they hold about me to their advantage. But how can B2B companies incorporate a similar strategy into their marketing?

If B2B data is stored effectively, you can utlise the date a client signed up or registered with your services, (this should be on your CRM system) to send messages such as ‘Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary with us’. This could incorporate a special offer, or act as a reminder to the client of other services/products you offer.

Review your lists to re-engage with clients who haven't used your product or service for 6 months. Sending an email will remind them you still exist, and might just tempt them back if you include a special offer. This worked on me – how could I resist when Graze offered me two boxes I ordered with 50% off?!

B2B is different from B2C as there are numerous stakeholders and decision makers to please, when considering offers and opportunities. So take this into account and make sure that you give enough time for people to actually see your offer and respond.

The only birthday email I have actively taken an interest in, is the one that offered me free points to my McVities VIP account! Sad I know, but I’m a biscuit fan and it played on my laziness, I didn’t have to leave my desk to redeem it, as the points were only a few clicks away.

Finally think about how easy it is for the user to take advantage. Remember people are lazy and don't read instructions!

Posted by Jenni Malley
Writing copy

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