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Bulletproof email buttons – using VML and CSS

December 6, 2015

Buttons are great for emails as they draw people to click especially on mobiles. One would usually create them using an image editor such as Photoshop and save it as a jpeg. But the downside is it won’t be visible to people who have images blocked – most email clients have this set by default.
Not to worry, there’s a great solution – create amazing buttons using VML and CSS, which ensures your buttons/call to actions work even when images are blocked. Images can still be used spice up your button but they are not required. So if you already have a one designed, it’s not going to be wasted!
What happens when images are blocked?
Button images do work well in emails but not when you can’t see them; no images, no call to action. Even with good alt text and styling in place, it’ll just be an unadorned text link that can easily be overlooked. In contrast, VML ensures that you are able to see the button clearly. It will strip any background images used so your slick button just becomes a solid, plain coloured one – but that’s all your need, a clear call to action.
Here’s a summary of the advantages:

– Reliable and beautiful buttons for your emails
– Buttons are clear when images are blocked
– User-friendly – You can amend all aspects of the button easily
– Reusable
– Time saving
Click here to view examples and also some useful tips on how to implement and improve your button.

Posted by Andrew Chau
Email Design

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