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B2B Email clients in the UK [Infographic]

June 26, 2013

Statistics about which email clients people are using to open emails have been around for a few years. Thanks to companies such as Litmus these stats are readily available and most ESP's including Extravision give you the ability to report on the opens per email client for each campaign you send.

At Extravision we work with a large number of businesses in the UK looking to generate new business and we create and manage many lead generation and nurturing campaigns. It became apparent to me earlier this year that we had within our system a host of information about how businesses interact with each other in the email world. This infographic shows the most popular email clients used by people who receive email at a business email address, primarily in the UK.

It is interesting to see that a lot of UK businesses are slow in upgrading people's software as nearly 30% of all opens are using an email client that is nearly 10 years old, Outlook 2003.  Another obvious difference in the B2B world compared to B2C is a that mobile has not overtaken desktop for opening emails. The trend for mobile opens is clearly upwards but I’m not sure mobile opens will every catch desktop opens in the B2B environment. But, as ever this depends on your target audience.

Click on the below image for a larger version


We have made every effort to make sure that these results are as accurate as possible based on what we know about our individual clients and filtering b2c email domains. Its never going to be 100% accurate but definitely gives us an insight into the email clients used by UK businesses.

Posted by Simon Hill
Deliverability, Email Design, General

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