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Avoid your email being marked as spam

August 22, 2012

Spam can be a major problem when it comes to sending email campaigns. Spending time creating and executing a campaign only for it end up marked as spam either by recipients or ISPs can be frustrating and annoying.
But there are lots of things in your power to help ensure your message gets to the inbox – here are a few of our top tips.

Keep an eye on your image vs text ratio
Balance your images by keeping them in proportion, not too large, not too small, with an equal amount of text.
Avoid using red font, capital letters or exclamation marks in your copy.
As well as being flagged as spam it can look like you’re playing teacher if you are using red ink, or shouting at someone with capitals and exclamation marks.
Use real content when testing
Don’t fill your template with lots of latin ‘lorem ipsum’ text, use genuine content otherwise it might get stuck in filters when you test.
Always send a plain text email as well as the HTML one
When you are happy with your HTML make sure you remember to create and send a plain text copy at the same time.
Avoid using spammy words
You know the usual suspects, free, discount, viagra etc… used alone and in context you should be fine but avoid cramming your copy and subject line with them.
Choose an individual to send your campaigns from
Choose an appropriate person from whom the campaign should come from within your business, whether it’s the Director, an account manager or someone else, it doesn’t really matter.
Test test test!
Everyone know the ultimate rule of email marketing is test test and test again. There is a handy button in evmessenger.com that allows you to perform a quick and easy spam check to find out the potential spam score of the message. Skip this vital step and you never know what might happen to your campaign when you send it.
Follow our advice and you will have taken every step to prevent your email being marked as spam. But if you’re cautious and have a message that simply must land in inboxes no matter what, hand over the reins to Extravision and we can create a message that does just that.
Read this blog for more information about spam filters
Read this blog for more information about spam traps and what to look for

Posted by Jenni Malley

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