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Automatic online versions of your email just got easier

December 9, 2013

The concept of an "online version" of an email is something that was started way back when email clients often struggled to display html emails correctly. Hence it became "best practice" to provide the recipient with a link to a web base version of the email. This meant the email would then be displayed in the recipients browser of choice which would show the content as expected.

Email clients have improved considerably but now the challenge is images. Many emails clients have images blocked by default and the online version provides a way for the recipient to see the content as expected.

Unfortunately, in the past setting this up was a fairly complicated and time consuming task, and you couldn't have personalized content like the receivers name or their personal sales contact in the online version at all. We've now made the whole setup simpler, so it just works to deliver the full campaign experience, including the personalization.

An online version is a normal HTML page that has all the layout and graphics from the campaign, and is linked to from the main email. This way even if the person reading the email has images turned off, they can still get to the full version of the campaign. It differs from a plain 'static version' of the campaign because clicks from it will be correctly counted as if the user had clicked a link in the original email and can contain content personalized to the person sent the link.

All you have to do is include a link to:

If you are not using a custom domain, that means the link will be:

The important part is '/onlineVersion/online.cfm?id' and is the same across all accounts; just like the address for the unsubscribe page for instance. This page will automatically locate the correct content for the person clicking it, so only works once it's clicked from a sent message - don't go rushing off and clicking it right now.

You can also choose to hide some of the normal campaign content in the automatic online version. Why would you want do that ? Well, there isn't much point having the link to the online version appearing in the online version as the user is already there. All you need to do to hide some of the content in the online version is (in the HTML source view) make sure it has 'class="x-ev-hideInOnlineVersion"' set on the element containing the thing you want to hide e.g.

<table width="100%" border="0" bgcolor="#666666" class="x-ev-hideInOnlineVersion">

We'll be making it easier to work with these new automatic online versions and hiding sections in future, but for now please try them out - we think you'll be impressed with how much easier it makes this important task.


Posted by Tom Chiverton
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