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August Reports updates

August 21, 2013

Recently we had a couple of occasions where clients experienced a spike in their bounce rates and wanted us to help investigate this. While we were looking into it, we noticed that a lot of the things we were looking at were not visisble to clients and would make great additions to Reports.

So this month we have updated Reports with this and a couple of other new features.

Firstly, if this talk of bounces is new to you, or you'd like a quick refresher on how Reports deals with bounces, check out my previous blog on bounces.

Now in Reports you can view your bounces "by domain" which is very useful for diagnosing some deliverability issues and isolated data problems.

table and pie chart showing bounces by domain

If you see a sudden change in your bounce patterns, it's often a sign that one of the email domains you are targeting is now experiencing an issue. Likewise, if your key client's domain has just shot to the top of the list rather than an ISP then your client may have changed their mail server settings in some way and you'll need to reach out to see exactly what is going on.

The same "by domain" filter is also available for opens. So if you see that most of the time it is Outlook.com users who are opening your campaign, yet the top mail client is Outlook 2007 then this shows the emails are being forwarded on and read on a desktop mail client instead of with webmail. Understanding the environment of your readers is vital not just to make sure the campaign looks correct, but to be able to better engage with them.

Both these new filter options are available as charts in the campaign summary widget, and also as filtering options in the CRM or download sections. As well as these we've also improved the replies rating filter option so you can use this to download all the people you marked as interested more easily.

We've also made two useful little improvements that may not be obvious at first. You can now open the campaign associated with a search result directly from the result itself, so you don't need to search for the campaign name and then click on it in the results any more. Lastly, the browsers title bar will now tell you exactly which client and campaign you are looking at. This makes it dead easy to see what is what if you are working with several windows at once.

screen shot of a search result

We've also made some changes behind the scenes that enable us to offer a better branding experience for our clients so if you've not already got Reports set up with your company logo and color scheme, get in touch with your account manager to kick the process off.

We're always looking to hear how you are using Reports, or try and help out with anything where you've thought 'if only I could...' so if you'd like to get in touch, use the Help button in Reports to send us feedback.


Posted by Tom Chiverton
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