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Are you making the most of your ESP?

February 10, 2017

If you use an Email Service Provider, you now get some pretty powerful technology alongside its usual sending functions. 

Some of these features are there to make sending campaigns easier. For example, drag and drop editors and automatic split testing save time and improve your emails. Just dive straight into them – the benefits are instant.

But what about those other areas of your ESP that you’d like to use but never actually get round to implementing? 

These are the areas that need set-up time. Most email marketers never get to get off the campaign treadmill long enough to implement them. But these features could save time in the long run or transform your campaign results. And a lot of them are there in your solution so you're already paying for them. 


So which features should you look to implement as soon as possible? And what do you need to do to get them off the ground?

Email Automation

Automating your campaigns is a great time saver. It improves relevance and therefore results. Campaigns then run in the background and are triggered by the actions of your recipients (clicking on something on your site, ordering something, having a birthday etc). Once set up, they only require a little tweaking and are working in the background for you 24 hours a day.

What you need to implement it? You simply need to think about (and document) what you want. This could be renewal email, events, welcome programmes, cart recovery etc. Then you can either dive in and set it up yourself or get an email agency to do all the fiddly work for you. You’ll also need to create and design the campaigns.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content can mean a lot of things. In its simplest form it means content that changes according to the information in your list.  

Real time dynamic content means content that changes even after the email has gone out such as geolocation, countdown timers etc.  In all cases the recipient may not know that they are being served up dynamic content but the email is more relevant to them and therefore more likely to be opened and read.

What you need to implement it? 

You’ll need the variables (location etc.) in your database so that you can say eg. If in this area – see this content. For countdown timers or geolocation you'll need a technology like Moveable Ink who will integrate with your ESP.

CRM integration

CRM Integration is an ideal set up to get the most out of your email marketing. Your ESP and CRM working together in harmony. New additions to the CRM get added to the campaign and campaign results are fed back into the CRM.  The possibilities for automation are endless including renewal campaigns, birthday emails, anniversaries of product purchases etc. Segmenting data will also happen on your live data and there’s no more uploading and downloading your data in excel spreadsheets.

What you need to implement it.  Your CRM integrator, your internal CRM expert and a list of how you want it to work.

Getting more out of your ESP will boost results and revenue and will save time and effort in the long run. It means taking your campaigns into the future and getting the most value out of this channel. Stepping off the campaign treadmill to examine these approaches is well worth the time. 

Posted by Jenni Malley

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