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5 Top Tips for your Christmas Email Campaign Planning

October 22, 2010

Successful Christmas email marketing campaigns cannot be put off, like last minute Christmas shopping! Planning for your Christmas email marketing campaigns is something you really need to start now, regardless of whether you work in B2B or B2C. And if you follow our 5 Tips to help with your Christmas email campaign planning, it will be a doddle...

Tip 1: Learn from last year

Establish what worked best for you in 2009. Look at which subject lines generated the most opens and establish which offers, products and strategies generated the most click-throughs and conversions.
See if you can learn from what your competitors did and make improvements.
Chat with your sales team for a bit of insider information on customer behaviour and a feel for what was liked. Get some financial reports on your top performing products and services and based on all of this,
start working on a draft plan. Establish your pre-Christmas offers, how you want to offer them and your target market.

Tip 2: It’s all about the data

Emails containing targeted content based on customer data are proven to return higher ROI than untargeted campaigns; so make sure you use targeted, data rich, opted-in lists.
If you don't have all the data you need for targeting, get cracking now by running customer surveys or competitions; building in a data collection element. Promote these at all your customer contact points, including your website.

Tip 3: Remember The Share Factor

Make sure that your content, messages and offers can be easily shared on social networks and forwarded to friends.

Tip 4: Send your own Christmas e-card

Sending an e-card early in December helps build customer loyalty and brand recognition; but be careful not to make it a sales message.

Tip 5: Know the key dates

December 14th: the second Monday in December is traditionally the biggest online shopping day of the year. If you sell online to consumers then make sure you get in there!

December 17th: it is around this time that most schools break up and so make sure you’ve communicated a Christmas message to your key contacts before this time

December 22nd: you can look at sending lifesaver emails offering next day delivery

December 23rd: It may be too late for online ordering and delivery, but you can still direct customers to your store

Boxing Day: Target your contacts with your best offers and best sellers to take advantage of this high-traffic shopping day

Posted by Jenni Malley
Topical email

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