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5 reasons your next email could be ignored

August 12, 2016

We all want our emails to have brilliant results. If this is not happening for your emails, maybe it's down to one of the five reasons below? 


You didn’t design it for mobile

If you only planned your email layout for desktop, then there’s a big chance it will look dreadful on a mobile. Check your email again for: paragraphs full of text, links instead buttons and side by side columns of info. All are very difficult to navigate on mobile and your readers will give up and hit delete.

Bad grammar

Ok, so you’re not much of a stickler for grammar. But your readers might be. You can undo all your hard work of a good design and strategy if you have poor grammar. In the eyes of someone who spots your mistake, it makes you look disorganised and unprofessional. So get a colleague (with good grammar!) to check it over before sending.

Poor design

All your company emails should be designed according to your digital brand guidelines. Don’t use free email templates use a designer who can code HTML for email. Your email reflects your brand so should be every bit as professional looking as your website. A shoddy design will mean your emails destined for the trash.

Personalisation fail

Personalisations can really boost your campaign’s results. Unless you mess them up! Personalisations in the subject line (“offers for you Jenni!”) can look tacky. Personalised greetings are always a good thing but if you get their name wrong then your email will not recover from such a bad start. Testing is the key to getting it right.

Being irrelevant

Ask yourself why you bin some emails and not others. One of the reasons will be that it simply isn’t relevant to you. The key to solving this is in segmenting the data. Send relevant messages to different sectors of your data. And do some analysis on your data to remove stale old contacts that haven’t engaged for several years.

Posted by Jenni Malley

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